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This treatment focuses on hyperpigmentation that is caused by the abnormal production of melanin, resulting in discoloration and dark spots in the skin.

This treatment assists in treating and preventing pigmentation by inhibiting the melanin production, therefore reducing the appearance of dark spots and discoloration in the skin. It’s a great treatment for for melasma, pigmentation and sun spots.

MeLine Peel

Meet the MeLine Peel!

MeLine is scientifically proven to reduce visible hyper pigmentation by 90-95% within 60-90 days. This includes:

  • Sun-induced hyper pigmentation
  • Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation
  • Melasma.


The MeLine treatment course is completed over a two month period and includes:

  • 1. Consultation – The consultation appointment includes a through skin assessment and preparation advice. If you decide to proceed with the meline peel you will be supplied with the skincare products that you will need to use for 2 weeks prior to the peel appointment to prepare your skin for the best results.
  • 2. First Application – During this appointment your peel is applied and you will receive your aftercare products and aftercare instructions.
  • 3. Post peel Review – During your review we will assess your post-peel skin and provide you with ongoing care advice.
  • 4. Second Application – 3 Weeks later – During this appointment your second peel is applied. Client will then continue to apply aftercare for a further four weeks.

We also love Meline’s Mask product, which when used once per week assists in preventing the re-appearance of pigmentation. Six to eight months later we also recommend a third peel application for some patients.

So what is MeLine?

The MeLine process includes three steps: preparation, peel and then a programme of prescribed aftercare products to use at home. These products are designed to control pigmentation, decrease melanin production, promote renewal of skin cells, improve sun damage and even out the tone and colour of the skin – helping you maintain your after peel complexion!


  1. Skin preparation includes cleansing, degreasing and the application of a MeLine preparation compound (2 layers) which are left to act on the skin for the appropriate length of time before removal and rinsing.
  2. The next step is the application of your customised MeLine peel mask, using a thicker application on the areas requiring more intensity (e.g. hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne). This is then left to act for the appropriate length of time. Note: Most patients return home with the mask still in place, and will receive a text reminder to remove.
  3. Aftercare: A special aftercare regime will be provided. These products are to be used in place of your usual skincare regime for the next 8 weeks.
  4. This process is repeated at your second appointment which is 4 weeks after your first treatment.


What hyperpigmentation conditions can be treated?

Hyperpigmentation results from increased melanin levels due to melanocyte hyperactivity. This is a sign of photo-aging of the skin due to excessive sun exposure. Melasma and/or chloasma are a specific type of hyperpigmentation which can be very challenging to treat due to their tendency to recur. While hyperpigmentation can be significantly improved, long term results depend on regular use of a high SPF sun screen.

What acne problems can be treated?

Acne-prone skin generally has increased sebum secretion, open pores and for many patients, redness or flushing (especially with fair skin). Controlled chemical dermabrasion can be an excellent help for patients with acne.

What aftercare precautions do I need to take after a MeLine peel?

It is vital that you protect your skin from the damage that UVA and UVB rays cause by using a high factor UVA/UVB cream every day. We can recommend suitable sunscreen products to complement your peel and skin type.

You will also be advised on a skin care routine:

What are the immediate side-effects?

Immediate (same day and over the next week following your peel) after effects include reddening and flaky skin. Peeling tends to start after 48 hours and will last for 3-4 days.

Patients who have a stronger treatment may experience swelling.

What skin types can MeLine be used for?
  • Caucasian and ethnic skin types
  • Acne-prone and spotty skin
  • Suitable for use on the face or body (e.g. acne chest/shoulders)
  • Immediate social engagements, due to the likelihood of redness/peeling

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