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Dermatologists are highly trained in both medical as well as surgical dermatology. In addition to the training received during our registrar time, the dermatologists at Atlantic Dermatology and Laser have fine-tuned our surgical skills by training with and assisting plastic surgeons as well as completing more advanced surgical training courses. We are also very privileged to have received one-on-one training with the esteemed Professor Lawrence M Field who is widely considered to be the “Father of Dermatological Surgery” as well as mentorship by Dr Andrew Birnie, a renowned dermatological surgeon.

Surgical Procedures

If surgery is deemed necessary during your appointment, our dermatologists will explain the simple, in-office procedures available to biopsy or remove the lesion of concern. The specimen will then be sent to a laboratory and will be sectioned and analysed by a dermatopathologist. If necessary our dermatologists will liase with the dermatopathologist to format a more concise diagnosis and treatment plan. If your case turns out to be a puzzling one, it will be discussed at a panel meeting and a consensus diagnosis reached. We will work closely with you to discuss all possible treatment options and formulate the best course of action.

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