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Our expert team of dermatologists at Atlantic Dermatology and Laser are dedicated to providing each patient with the highest quality of individualized care and treatment for diseases of the skin utilizing the latest treatments available. Whether using liquid nitrogen to treat a pre-malignancy of concern or even just an unsightly wart, injecting intralesional corticosteroids to flatten a cosmetically unacceptable keloidal scar or applying photodynamic therapy to treat a superficial basal cell carcinoma or even acne, we exploit the full versatility of every therapeutic modality to provide unparalleled results. Our artistic eye, delicate touch and nuanced approach when treating any lesion on the skin coupled with the latest in sophisticated technologies are integral components to our unfailingly positive patient experiences. At Atlantic Dermatology and Laser, we feature the latest research and techniques, a proven track record of excellence and top dermatologists working together to provide the best possible care.


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