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Dermatology is a remarkably wide-ranging field encompassing a range of skin conditions which can all look very similar to the untrained eye. To understand the skin, you have to have knowledge of every medical discipline. This is the challenge but this is also what makes dermatology so extraordinary. Our experienced team of dermatologists at Atlantic Dermatology and Laser thrive on diagnostic challenges and push ourselves daily to consistently navigate complex diagnoses to provide our patients with unparalleled care. At Atlantic Dermatology and Laser, skin is our calling and our passion. Whether it’s relieving the unrelenting itch in eczema or preventing debilitating flushing and skin sensitivity in our rosacea patients, we are proud of the exceptional support we are able to offer our patients. Our unhurried modus operandi, good listening ear and intuitive diagnostic aptitude together with the latest in innovative technologies and an integrative approach result in unfailingly successful outcomes across the full spectrum of medical skin concerns.

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