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Acne is a skin condition that affects adults just as it affects teens. If it gets too severe, it can leave lasting scarring. Our specialist team of Dermatologists and skincare experts at Atlantic Dermatology and laser, treat teens and adults living in Atlantic seaboard, Cape Town, as well as the surrounding areas, dealing with acne to help control it and diminish the appearance of breakouts.




Pimples (acne) are small swollen red bumps that result from excess oil that causes pore openings to become clogged. The openings become red, swollen, inflamed and ultimately infected. At this point, a whitehead (white pustule) develops on the top of the pimples becoming increasingly larger and more obvious. Untreated acne can get worse and, for some, leave scars as it heals.


There are many acne treatments on the market that target breakouts by penetrating the pores in the skin and removing excess oil, dirt, and bacteria, decreasing the chances of reoccurring pimples. Most acne treatments prescribed by Dermatologists are topical solutions and ointments that effectively treat this common issue. For those with more severe problems, oral medications and laser therapy are used to achieve successful results.

Acne treatment controls and clears up breakouts as well as provides benefits, such as:

  • Inhibits acne scarring
  • Restores a smooth complexion
  • Little to no downtime following treatments
  • Lessens the severity of future breakouts



Topical and oral medications are typically prescribed then applied or taken at home according to the directions. For laser therapy, it is important to avoid direct sun exposure prior to your treatment as well as stop taking any blood-thinning medications or supplements that may hinder the healing process. During a consultation for laser treatments, we provide you with the necessary serums and moisturizers to prep the skin. In-office acne treatments take place where laser treatments and chemical peels are used. This involves using laser energy on the affected areas to remove damaged skin. These laser treatments also stimulate collagen production, which in turn boosts new skin growth. As for topical and oral treatments, they are prescribed and typically handled at home. It is important to follow the directions for taking or applying the acne treatment. Many prescription treatments have successful results with acne, especially when combined with the appropriate skin care products for acne prone skin.


Depending on the selected acne treatment, the results take some time as the current breakouts must clear up and future breakouts become less severe. As for laser treatments, the treated skin must heal, and new skin must take over. Following acne treatment with laser treatments, the treated area may have slight redness that takes a few days to dissipate. There may also be some slight flaking as the redness diminishes. Once these issues resolve themselves, the skin starts to look smooth and clear.

When you visit Atlantic Dermatology and Laser for your initial consultation, our specialist team of skin experts will assess the depth of treatment required. From there we will discuss the best treatments for your skin, how many treatments are needed and the healing time if applicable. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced procedures in aesthetic medicine. By integrating the latest cutting-edge lasers and skin devices into our treatments enables us to be ahead of the curve in so many ways and the results we are achieving for our patients really do speak for themselves. Set in the heart of Sea point, Atlantic Dermatology & Laser welcomes patients from all over Cape Town

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