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Dr Tessa Hoffman

Dr Tessa Hoffman

Specialist Dermatologist

I’m Tessa Hoffman, a specialist dermatologist at Atlantic Dermatology and Laser. As a fifth generation doctor from an accomplished medical family, I was always destined to do medicine and was awarded an academic scholarship to the University of Cape Town in 1995. After qualifying as a doctor, I worked in various fields of internal medicine in the UK and locally. I then started my registrarship at the University of Witwatersrand, training at the busiest clinics in South Africa. This extensive clinical experience has made me passionate about medical dermatology in both adults and children. More recently I’ve developed an interest in integrative dermatology, a healing oriented medicine that looks at the patient as a whole rather than at specific symptoms.

I feel lucky to be a dermatologist every day, not only do I get to help patients with disfiguring skin conditions, I also get to build relationships with interesting people from different generations and different backgrounds. My empathy and pragmatic approach, makes me the dermatologist of choice to a varied patient base.


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