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Senior female face with wrinkled skin

A well underestimated treatment!

If you have hypersensitive skin, or have had a bad laser experience, or you may just be too nervous to try a laser treatment, this might be the laser treatment just for you!

The Laser Genesis procedure has been scientifically proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through near-infrared (NIR) irradiation, which provides long-lasting stimulation of elastin and collagen by stimulating dermal collagen remodeling through heat. Laser Genesis is a procedure that utilizes non-invasive laser technology to stimulate collagen regrowth. The laser heats the upper dermis well below the skin’s surface to safely, discreetly and effectively treat fine-lines and moderate wrinkles, while diffusing excessive redness by generating heat in the dilated capillaries.

I LOVE adding Laser Genesis to my patients’ treatments, as it accelerates the skin’s response and treats the underlying skin conditions. This treatment can be a stand alone treatment that is suited for ALL skin types and it can also be added to ANY other treatment as long as it is done correctly, efficiently and with the right amount of energy or shots per area you will feel the skin tighten in time. I have however had patients claim that they can feel their skin feels tighter straight after the treatment.


Benefits of Laser Genesis


Laser Genesis reduces redness, scars, stimulates collagen and even helps to lift and lighten pigmentation, including melasma and a condition known as poikiloderma. Laser genesis is an amazing treatment that treats the skin in an overall approach.

As a Laser Specialist, I find that my patients want quick results, however with most treatments a person would need multiple sessions to reduce and correct the damage! It is very valuable to keep in account that the older the damage, the older the skin, and the severity of the damage as well as how well a patient’s skin responds to the treatment determines the amount of sessions a person would need!

About the treatment

A patient may feel their skin feels tight and rejuvenated afterwards, treatments can be done anywhere on the body however common areas are on the face, neck, chest, hands, and scars, you can also work on targeted areas meaning you could focus on your eyes or on your enlarged pores, pigmentation and areas of breakouts. With increased levels of collagen, elastin, and collagenase, you can have a youthful appearance by treating those unwanted conditions gently effectively and have NO downtime!


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Written by Skin & Laser Specialist, Angie Chaplin 


For as long as Angie can remember she has always been passionate about the Skin Care and Aesthetic industry. While completing her International Degree, she worked at various clinics to build as much experience and additional knowledge as possible. Once Angie had completed her International Degree in Somatology in 2011, she specialized in Aesthetic and Laser treatments. She has been privileged to work closely with Doctors and Dermatologists throughout her career, and has had the blessing of providing training for other Aesthetic Somatologists as well as Medical Practitioners within the industry.

Angie has also worked with a large variety of lasers and machines, and believes that a combination of different treatments and products are always the key to quickly achieve optimal results