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Senior female face with wrinkled skin

Most of us if not all of us will encounter a scar or two at some time in our lives. All scars tell a story.  Some scars we love and keep so that we are a reminder of a funny or even a sentimental story. Some scars are memories we want to forget about, and some scars that are unsightly can hinder a person’s confidence. 

Most of us if not all of us will encounter a scar or two at some time in our lives. All scars tell a story.  Some scars we love and keep so that we are a reminder of a funny or even a sentimental story. Some scars are memories we want to forget about, and some scars that are unsightly can hinder a person’s confidence.

 Often patients forget to ask about scar removal as many people are not aware that there are solutions. Now look, not all scars can be remodeled and healed to the point where one can say they are 100% removed however I would say we can reduce most scars by about 70% – 90%. 

 Each person is an individual, your skin may function in a similar way, but yet we are all different. Our lifestyle, our diet, our DNA, even our habits set us all apart. Therefore each individual’s skin functions according to their body, their genes, and their intrinsic and extrinsic factors of aging and cell function. Our cell function is also influenced by the good and the bad habits within our lifestyle, which will also have an influence on how a scar may heal and appear. As we know, a scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed, did you know that a stretch mark is also a form of a scar? Scars are a natural part of the healing process. Most may fade although they never completely disappear.

There are many types of scars and how we would treat them would depend on the type, the size, the color, and sometimes we have to look at how they were formed to see how they healed before starting treatments. 

This is a scar that is large, irregular, and generally grows beyond the site of initial injury, here I may need assistance from our Dermatologist, as they would inject a steroid to reduce the growth of the fibrous connective tissue that keeps the scar growing. Once the growth has been hindered I can then assess the scar and start the treatment process. 


What treatments would use at AD&L?


Carboxy Therapy:

 Stretch marks, fine – deep line scars, hypertrophic scars, most scars if not all. 

This is one of my favorite treatments as it is an all-rounder in the skin, the focus is to assist with the production of healthy functioning connective tissue such as collagen. This is one of the best solutions to restore connective tissue in stretch marks!  When I inject the medical graded Carbon Dioxide, I ensure the needle insertion is correct as this targets what area within the skin I would like to have an impact on. By creating, what I call “controlled trauma”  to the skin, I allow the body to believe there is a wound that now needs healing. This causes a cascade of healthy cell production.

BBL – BroadBand Light:

Red or Brown pigmented scars and colored stretch marks. 

BBL treatment has been proven to restore gene expression patterns of photoaged and intrinsically aged human skin to resemble younger skin. This is another method used to restore cell function, activate and rejuvenate the skin to restore damaged genes. When performing this amazing treatment we are not only reducing redness and pigment to restore discoloration, we are causing a cell functioning response within the skin, that heals and replenishes unhealthy skin cells. 

Laser Genesis:

Red or Brown pigmented, lined, raised, or pitted scars and stretch marks, most scars if not all scars.

The laser targets the microvasculature, the system of tiny blood vessels, including capillaries, and stimulates collagen production through the dermis while protecting the epidermis. Generally, Laser Genesis is used clinically to improve irregularities in the contour, texture, and color of the skin. Laser Genesis is also used to help treat photoaging by increasing collagen formation, it stimulates fibroblast activity and has been proven to assist with skin discoloration as well as bacteria. 

Resurfacing with Laser or Microneedling:

When a scar is pitted or sunken like scars caused by moderate to severe acne, we need to recreate the wound in a controlled manner to resurface the scar and reheal the area while ensuring the connective tissue does not get overstimulate as well as the melanocytes causing discoloration. Depending on the type of scar and how the skin is healing within and around it, these options are very valuable to “flatten” a scar and ensure the area of the scar is smooth with the skin

Skin Boosters:

When a patient has severe scarring and their scars are internal rather than superficial, we need to take a deeper and different kind of approach in healing the skin.

Skin boosters are amazing for “plumping” the skin as we inject a form of hyaluronic acid into the skin, this not only hydrates the skin, but it assists with repairing collagen. Restylane Refresh products can help to gradually improve your skin’s condition while increasing elasticity, and reducing fine lines and imperfections within the skin. 


PRP – Platelet-rich plasma:

All scars, keloid, and hypertrophic scars may need steroid injections first. 

AKA Vampire Facial – simply we draw some blood from the patient, which is then placed into a centrifuge and undergo their own little procedure to separate the plasma and the platelets from the red blood cells. The platelets are activated to initiate the release of growth factors that promote tissue repair, regeneration, and promote healing. PRP stimulates stem cells to improve the quality of your skin. This treatment is a very successful, highly effective treatment for both men and women with little to no side effects, as it is the most natural form of healing through your own stem cells through your platelet-rich plasma.

 If your scarring is unsightly, uncomfortable, or restrictive, remember there are treatment options available for you. The older the scar, the deeper the scar or the more severe the scar is as well as each element within the scar and how it appears has an impact on how the scar needs to be treated. The more treatments you do, the more results you can achieve. Remember when it comes to scaring we need to resurface, recreate and reeducate the cells’ function and cell production. Complete scar removal is not possible, but most scars may gradually fade over time. With a number of the correct treatments and the correct wound healing assistance, we can reduce most scars by 70% – 90%.

There are many more procedures available today, these are just a few of the amazing treatments that will assist in treating unwanted scars and stretchmarks! .

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Written by Skin & Laser Specialist, Angie Chaplin 


For as long as Angie can remember she has always been passionate about the Skin Care and Aesthetic industry. While completing her International Degree, she worked at various clinics to build as much experience and additional knowledge as possible. Once Angie had completed her International Degree in Somatology in 2011, she specialized in Aesthetic and Laser treatments. She has been privileged to work closely with Doctors and Dermatologists throughout her career, and has had the blessing of providing training for other Aesthetic Somatologists as well as Medical Practitioners within the industry.

Angie has also worked with a large variety of lasers and machines, and believes that a combination of different treatments and products are always the key to quickly achieve optimal results