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Reduce sagging skin and restore your skin’s youthfulness.

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Welcome to AD&L


Hi, I’m Cherie Cochrane, co owner of Atlantic Dermatology and Laser set in the heart of Sea Point.

Whether you have pigmentation, suffer from acne scarring or looking to reduce sun damage or rejuvenate your skin, we can help! Our gold standard in skin lasers, combined with a personalised treatment plan and over a decade of experience will help ensure you enjoy radiant, healthy skin again.

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If you have any questions about your skin concerns or possible treatments, feel free to get in touch through our WhatsApp +27 60 916 4295, or email me directly.


Cherie Cochrane




Skin and Laser Specialist. CIDESCO / SAAHSP / BABTAC / ITEC

Client results

While the results speak for themselves, knowing our clients are delighted means the world to us.


“It’s honestly changed my life.”

“BBL and Dermapen significantly reduced my keloid scars and I’m not insecure about them anymore.”

Courtney W.
Patient for 2 years


“I swear by this treatment.”

“BBL is brilliant for pigmented areas, broken capillaries and overall improvement of skin conditions.”

Danielle S.
Patient for 3 years


“Absolutely thrilled with the results.”

“After having BBL and SkinTyte I’m thrilled with the results and can see a significant improvement.

James V.
Patient for 1 year


“Great results just after one session.”

“After just one session I could already see a reduction in redness and pigmentation on my cheeks

Tracy C.
Patient for 1 year

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What you consume, can impact your skin!

What you consume, can impact your skin!

As we all know nutrition plays a vital role in our everyday health especially in our organ health.  An unhealthy diet can damage your metabolism, cause weight gain and even damage organs such as your heart and liver.  Your skin is the largest organ in the body. This...

Top Tips for Adult Acne

Top Tips for Adult Acne

After making it through those awkward teenage years of acne, hormones and braces, who wants to face another round of acne in their 30’s or 40’s?
Adult acne is not something we take lightly at Atlantic Dermatology & Laser. We understand the frustration and are here to help. Here are a few tips to help you with your skin.

What is Rosacea, and how you can treat it!

What is Rosacea, and how you can treat it!

Rosacea, let’s start with how to pronounce it, ro-ZAY-sha. What exactly is Rosacea? Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that can begin with redness in the face similar to flushing or blushing. It can cause persistent redness, pimples, and visible blood vessels and can...