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When it comes to sun damage, our motto will always be prevention is better than cure. I can’t explain how many of our patients come in and tell stories of how they would bake in the sun basted with baby oil, lemon juice or even tanning beds. Yes we understand that it feels good to lounge in the sunshine, but it can hurt your health in the long run. Over the years, too much time outdoors without the necessary protection can put you at risk for wrinkles, age spots, scaly patches called actinic keratosis, skin cancer and sun damage .But do not fear, at Atlantic Dermatology & Laser  we have the tools to reverse some of that sun damage, and we are here to help!

Here are a few of our tips on how to get rid of sun damage: 

BBL Forever Young 

A course of BBL Forever Young will help target the signs of aging and sun damage drastically. It is perfect for all areas of the body, not just the face. Chest, Neck, Hands, Back and Arms are also areas that are largely affected by sun damage and also give away age. BroadBand Light Laser targets the melanin in the deepest layers of the skin, helping to diminish pigmentation and age spots. Having a course of at least 4 sessions of BBL will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and have your skin cells behaving like younger skin cells again.



Peels are another way of improving the appearance of sun damage. A Peel will remove the top layer of skin, which will eliminate some of the damaged cells and leave skin looking less dull and sallow. Depending on the severity of the sun damage we can recommend different intensities of peels for different skin types and ages. 

One of our favourite peels is the Nano Laser Peel which vaporizes, tightens and tones the top layers of skin. We adjust this for each patient to make sure you get the diresed effect.  Be prepared to have some down time after a peel, as your skin will start to flake off and the new skin will be revealed. 


Vitamin A 

Once again, Vitamin A is your saving grace when it comes to sun damage, aging and age spots. 

Retinol is widely available nowadays and we completely understand why! Retinol, which is a strong formulation of Vitamin A, increases cellular regeneration dramatically. Using Retinol several times a week can help get rid of sun damage and also enhance the effects of our Laser treatments. There are many different brands with different percentages of Retinol in them. It is important to get the right combination for your skin. At Atlantic Dermatology & Laser we do a full consultation before starting a treatment plan and can advise the correct homecare for your skin concerns. 



You are never too old to start using a sun protection factor! SPF should be applied everyday, and reapplied when going into direct sunlight. We often have patients saying they don’t use their SPF when they are working from home, but keep in mind the “High Energy Visible Light” that still affects our skin. Look for a brand that provides full spectrum protection, such as Heliocare. This will help prevent sun damage from worsening. Remember, SPF should be applied all year round.


If you are concerned about your skin and you want to improve your skin texture and appear more youthful, especially for this upcoming summer, book a skin consultation with one of our AD&L  Skin & Laser Specialists. We will help you get rid of years and years of sun damage.

Book a skin consultation with one of our Skin & Laser Specialists.

Written by Skin & Laser Specialist Nadia Kutz

Nadia has been working in the beauty industry since 2009 and spent the last 8 years working aboard Luxury cruise lines getting international experience by managing spas and traveling the world.

The reason why Nadia is so passionate about the industry is the unique diversity element of being human. Each person is different,  no skin is the same. This keep’s her on her toes! Each day at work is exciting, new challenges and seeing the improvement step by step. It’s all about the journey and the support given. Nadia’s main goal is to make all my patients feel beautiful and better in their own skin.

With Laser we can do that.